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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hot Chocolate Flashback

Flashback to over four years ago. There I stood at the counter looking very pregnant. I glanced around before I placed my order. "I'll have a shot please." Did I receive any glares in my direction. No, just a hint of bemusement. For it was merely a shot of hot chocolate that I had ordered. I was unable to stomach a full cup so I used the insider's trick to get a dose of City Bakery's thick, creamy brew without feeling completely decadent and bloated. I sat down and slowly sipped, while whatever was within wriggled and jiggled madly.. I remember thinking..whoever it will be, will love chocolate.

Fast forward to yesterday: I found myself at City Bakery, yet again, this time with Izzy. We had come expressly for some hot chocolate and a pretzel croissant which is the most amazing croissant variation I have ever tasted, not to mention a perfect accompaniment for the hot chocolate. I ordered us the "wimpy" which is their code word for half chocolate/half milk cup. It is yet another way to get the chocolate fix without having the full-blown version.

As we were sipping, I began to tell Izzy about how when he was in my belly, I used to come to City Bakery and drink hot chocolate. I described to him the way he would begin to wiggle around whenever I swallowed. He listened intently and then a shy smile appeared upon his face. "Mama, How did I get out of your belly?" He asked.

Hmmmm..Maybe I would need to have a real shot before I explained that...

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