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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Whose in Charge of Izzy's Eats? Part II

Who could ever replace B.? Hopefully it would be someone who was not only great with children but also boasted a healthy appetite. I also hoped that she wouldn't show up with salad bar takeout in a plastic box and feed it to my child (yes, I failed to mention that B. had arrived with that on a few occasions and ended up sharing it with Izzy).

So I posted on Hobokeni and received dozens of replies. It turns out that many young women in the Jersey City area were seeking babysitting work so I had quite a pool to choose from. Little did they know, that they would be judged not only on babysitting credentials but food merit too.

I interviewed several candidates before I found S. She seemed too good to be true. She was a teacher who lived nearby. When I met her I liked her right away and I knew it would work out when she said that she shopped at Fairway and Whole Foods.

One of the first times she watched Izzy, she concocted some sort of yogurt, fruit and cucumber surprise that was quite a success and served as a great distraction for getting me out of the house without too many tears. She seemed amenable to eating whatever I left for the two of them as well.

Whenever she sits for us, she and Izzy usually dine on egg salad sandwiches, pierogi and peas, or tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. I rarely have time to prepare anything more elaborate than that if I am planning to go out. Since she is a vegetarian I have no fear that she will secretly stuff Izzy with hot dogs or other junk food.
She seems especially judicious when offering him any juice or treats.

When I leave Izzy with S., I know he will be well-cared for and well-fed, a perfect combination.

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