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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Party Planning With A Preschooler

Izzy's birthday was last week but the actual party for his friends won't take place until this Saturday. Izzy has been instrumental in the planning which has been going on for the past several weeks.

First we discussed the type of party and the location. Little did I know but Izzy already had a location in mind, our backyard. I suppose he has a fond memory of his last two birthdays which were celebrated there. I applaud his choice for its simplicity albeit more work for moi.

I knew this meant that we needed an activity of some kind. I suggested a 'make-your-own-pizza' party and lucky for me, Izzy latched on to the idea. All I would need to do was to iron out the particulars, of which there are many.

Then it was time to compile a guest list. This has been the most difficult part, especially since I allowed Izzy to choose the guests. He has his neighborhood friends and his school friends. We could not invite everyone from school because that would mean too many kids. So I told him to select a small group of school friends. Narrowing down his list was extremely difficult and I hope he is happy with the results.

Next we needed to go over the menu. Pizza was a given but what would we serve before and after? Would we serve cupcakes or something else? What would we select for possible pizza toppings?

The party is fast approaching and some details are still in need of fine-tuning. I will keep you posted as to the final results.

Meanwhile, every day now, Izzy asks..When is my 'make-your-own-pizza party'? Is it today? Is it after school?

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