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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Matzoh Mama

I made a point of being "Snack Mom" this week so that I could bring in foods that were Kosher for Passover. This way I needn't worry that Izzy would come home telling me he had eaten cheese sandwiches for snack.

Not that we are ultra-observant or even kosher at all on a regular basis. It is simply that during this one week it assuages my year-long guilt if we observe this holiday as well as we can. That means that I give up all things pork, don't serve dairy with meat and also try my hardest to stick to the Passover rules. This basically also eliminates bread, pasta, cereal, as well as most ordinary baked goods. I would like Izzy to share this tradition, hence my Passover week snack neurosis.

Yesterday morning I delivered the first snack, mini-blueberry corn muffins and apples and oranges. I managed to slide in one baked good before the holiday officially began last night.

Today I decided to risk bringing in a box of Streit's Matzoh (best cause it is made in NYC), Temptee Whipped Cream Cheese (perfectly spreadable) and some Trader Joe's Cornichons. I wondered how the extremely diverse student body would react to such a snack. I was actually fortunate enough to be part of the Matzoh tasting thanks to Izzy, who, after having been out sick for so long, was loathe to let me leave his classroom. So his teacher, Miss B., kindly suggested that I stay and explain the snack which actually led to me serving it.

At first I noted the looks of disapproval and a sort of, "What is that stuff?" frame of mind. Some admitted to having tried some before while for others it was completely foreign. I started spreading pieces and handing them out and eventually I was surrounded by a group of 20 three and four-year olds munching contentedly on my favorite childhood snack and even asking for seconds. Granted some just ate it plain, but it was still a wonder to behold.

Social eating is a great way to entice kids into trying new foods. I can only hope that some of them went home and shared this experience with their families.

P.S. A few brave souls even tried the cornichons and half the jar was finished.

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