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Monday, April 16, 2007

Thoughts on Baby Food (Part I) Can I Convert You From Jars to Homemade?

I know. I know. I have barely met you yet here I am trying to convince you, an overworked WOHM (Work outside the home mom), a stressed out baby food loving SAHM (Stay at home mom), and you a culinarily-challenged SAHD(Stay at home dad) to change the way you feed your child. Who am I to preach...

I will tell you. I love to eat wonderful food and I know that one of the best ways to teach most children to love it too is to avoid jarred foods like the plague. The majority of jarred foods, whether regular or organic, provide bland, muddy flavors. Why would they inspire any child to delight at mealtime. Yes they may eat it (for lack of anything better) but the flavors will not create a wonderful taste imprint for their budding palates.

The idea may seem daunting but making homemade baby food is really not that difficult or time-consuming. You only need a few things to do so and a couple of hours per week. The benefits that you and your child will reap from this are far-reaching. Also keep in mind that the baby-food phase is short lived. Soon after you get the hang of making it, you will be mashing up regular food.


baconsnake said...

waitaminute .. i like bland and muddy flavors! if I mash up what I am eating and make it into baby food what's the difference! that jarred food makes good eatin' for me. I just finish whatever the kid leaves behind. excuse me while I get back to my gerber graduates.

Bean's Mum said...

Fortunately, according to one of my nutrition gurus, Marion Nestle ("What to Eat"), the baby food manufacturers are no longer allowed to add anything but their (bland, yes) labeled fruits, veggies, etc. Mostly my inner cheapskate recoils at paying 75 cents a pop, but if you buy a few, you get nicely-sized jars in which to store your own homemade food in the fridge after defrosting, etc.

I am on the fence about this one, can see both ways, but CERTAINLY the window of time babies need this bland mush is short and soon enough they are bored and wanting to grab chunks of stuff! CERTAINLY, as it is with diaper-makers, they make their attempts to persuade us that no, we shouldn't rush the wee ones along, they need to enjoy their mush or their tush, depending on the above...

(Hopping off of soapbox now...) - (hugs)

Izzy's Mama said...

baconsnake: Poor C. - try whipping up some cinnamon-laced sweet potatoes for that boy! Leave him with me and I shall fatten him up!

Bean's Mum: Exactly - Bland mush should not be permitted because mush in general is only useful for a few months - so why not give them the best..as for buying the awful food for the jars..can't you just buy empties from some jar site on-line?