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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Beach Island Eats:A Brief Round-Up

This past week has been a veritable eating/tasting/restaurant bonanza. There were too many to post about separately so instead I offer a brief blurb about a few standouts


Pearl Street Market (Beach Haven): Gourmet market with NYC prices. Tasty breakfast sandwiches, French Toast, pastries and much more. Good for a picnic or to pick up some organic items you might not find elsewhere. Also has a butcher/seafood section.

The Bagel Shack: Bagels fresh from the oven..always a line but definitely worth the short wait. Great choice to avoid the awful breakfast crowds elsewhere


Mario's Deli: "Good for LBI" Italian deli food. Fresh mozzarella, along with above average Italian prepared foods. Perfect for a picnic.

Holiday Snack Bar: Just go!

Chowder Hut: Just chowder and not much more. Good for a quick bite in Bay Village. We did a taste test with the chowder spot across the street. Chowder Hut was the clear winner.


Daddy O's: New sleek upscale hotel/restaurant..Surprisingly kid-friendly but far too noisy for my tastes.

Bistro 14: Worth a second visit.

The Gables: An island gem, romantic but still surprisingly kid-friendly.

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