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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Chocolate Playdate

My friend Y., newly returned from a trip to Germany, called to inform me of all of the goodies she brought back. She was clearly itching to share some with us so I told her she could come by after Izzy came home from school.

When I went to pick-up Izzy from school, I worried that he might be disappointed because his friend playdate had been canceled. As a consolation, I told him that Y. would be coming over for a "chocolate tasting". He took it quite well. In fact he was pleased. "She will be my playdate." For that matter, she would be mine as well.

She arrived bearing a box of fancy chocolates and some homemade cookies her mother had made. The chocolates were from Pierre Marcolini , a Belgian chocolatier. We selected a few different chocolates and she cut them into small pieces so we could try different flavors. There wasn't a dud in the bunch. From thyme-orange to raspberry, they were a real treat.

I served crepes (post coming soon) and tea and we were all entertained. Izzy even got his playdate to help him build an airplane. We look forward to future playdates with my friend Y.

And of course we may just have to try the chocolate playdate with one of his friends.

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Anonymous said...

I love Pierre Marcolini! My ex used to bring them back from Europe all the time. I was happy (after we broke up) to find their store on Park Avenue.