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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No That Wasn't Me (Or at least it shouldn't have been)

Buying several cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Well actually it was but I tried to hide it beneath my organic milk, yogurt, cat food and toilet paper.

What can I do? When A. is sick he craves foods that I wouldn't go near. When he asked for cans of chicken noodle soup last week, I brought home some cans of Whole Foods brand organic soup. I figured since I didn't have time to make any, the least I could do was buy something decent. Only they were not good enough (or shall I say bad enough) for him. He decided that the soup I had bought made him sicker and wondered why I just couldn't buy Campbell's. Truth is, they don't sell it at Whole Foods which was where I happened to be shopping that day.

Since he has been sick for over a week, I finally caved today and agreed to buy exactly what he requested. And so it was that I found myself wishing I had shopped incognito, with dark glasses and a wig, as I wheeled my cart around filled with cans of icky soup. As A. likes to say, "It could be worse."

I'd like to think it could be better and I hope to have some time to make him some homemade soup on Friday.

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