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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cat Love: Starting The Year Off On A Happy Note

Mr. Cat, aka "Cat Pound", "Pound Cat" or Romeo, has been worming his way into our hearts for the past week. He and Mama have become inseparable. They sleep upstairs together and follow each other around the house. The Monsieur has a special meow reserved for her, and when summoned, she appears. She ventures downstairs regularly and has even taken to lounging on the steps. He is definitely changing her for the better. They even eat out of the same dish!

I didn't realize just how attached they were until the other night. I went upstairs with laptop in hand, ready to get into bed and write. There I found Mr. Cat, lazing about in a cozy spot, smack in the middle of my bed. I climbed in anyway and he generously moved to the foot of the bed. A short while later, Mama appeared, she jumped to the opposite corner of the bed. She has never come near my bed at night so I remained as still as possible.

As I typed, they inched closer to one another. When I was finally ready to go to sleep, Mr. Cat sidled over to my pillow. I have to admit, I felt slightly uneasy sleeping in bed with a wild cat and a cat I hardly knew. I watched with one eye open, as Mama crept closer to him. How touching, I thought. They were going to cuddle to sleep.

As I soon witnessed, a cuddle was not at all what they had in mind. Instead I was an innocent bystander to what I shall politely refer to as "cat love". I was immobile in my own bed as those two felines became more than friends. When I could take it no more, I leaped from my bed to tell my husband who was up working. "What should I do?" I asked. His reply?

"Tell them to shoo." I went back down to bed and thankfully they had done just that.


Sarah said...

Love it! We have 2, and their adventures never end.

Izzy's Mama said...

Sarah: Really, I somehow thought you didn't have cats anymore. Didn't you write about that somewhere?