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Friday, January 2, 2009

A Clean Slate: A Nearly Empty Freezer

The Christmas refrigerator disaster of 2008 definitely had a purpose. It enabled me to clear out mysterious foil-wrapped items from an overstuffed freezer (and refrigerator). Foods long past their prime were tossed. From freezer-burned breads to pallid-looking leftovers, not much was spared. And although some perfectly lovely looking goat stew and some brand-new chicken thighs were sacrificed, it seems it may have all been for the best. How nice to start off the New Year with plenty of space for new foods.

My pristine freezer, now contains some buffalo meat, lamb sausages and venison which survived the disaster, along with some butter and a loaf of sliced bread. It is my intent to keep it as under stuffed as possible. How many pounds of meat do I really need to keep on hand anyway?

Now that you know what lurked in my freezer maybe you can share what lurks in yours...

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