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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And A Container Of Onions On The Side...

Last night we had Green Split Pea Soup (with 2 teaspoons dried mustard) for dinner, to which I add caramelized onions. We had enough soup leftover so that Izzy could take some for lunch. He watched as I ladled it into the container and I asked if he wanted the onions too. His reply, "I would like a container of onions on the side. I love those onions. How do you make them so sweet?" "Just olive oil and salt." I said, marveling at his request and remembering a time when he would pick those onions out of things.

Later on today day, he returned from school, reeking of onions. I wondered why and then remembered his odd little lunch request. I then mentioned that he was a stinky little onion and he said, "I know. J. kept moving away from me and telling me!"

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