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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pondering The 2009 Passover Menu.

Blogging definitely helps for holiday menu planning. I can simply look back and see what I made in years past, keep what worked and trade a side dish or two. Last year's menu looked like this.

It was fairly ambitious and I don't think I ever got to the chocolate Passover cupcakes but maybe I will get to them this year. I think I will ditch the Wild-Mushroom Kugel as I have little or no recollection as to how it turned out.

The staples will remain: Matzoh Ball Soup, Salmon-Gefilte Fish, Coconut Macaroons and last but absolutely not least Chocolate-Caramel Covered Matzoh.

The question is do I make Brisket or do I branch out into the unknown, to try a Mexican Passover dish. This Chicken With Apricots, Tamarind and Chipotle recipe, featured in tomorrow's Food Section of the NY Times, sounds unusual but does it go with the typical fare? Will I need to tailor my whole menu around it?

As I plan to do some holiday shopping tomorrow, I need to continue the recipe hunt. Will keep you posted. Have you seen any must-try Passover recipes out there?

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Bean's Mum said...

Regardless of Passover, I was just wondering your opinion of the Subway sandwich franchise.