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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gorging On The Gift Of Food: Balthazar and Diamond Organics

After over a week of not eating much, today I feasted. My friend S. made a trip to the Balthazar Wholesale Bakery and returned bearing a gigantic shopping bag filled with all manner of sweet French bread delights.

Izzy and I snacked on an almond-covered brioche slice, a triangular raspberry-filled pastry, a delightful monkey bread and a cannelle. And that wasn't all. I still have some petites brioches, a chocolate croissant, a butter croissant, another mystery pastry and a loaf of French white bread leftover. They freeze well so we will be able to indulge in them for the next few days. If I had a car I would definitely incorporate a monthly trip to Balthazar into my shopping excursions. Definitely work the 20 minute ride!

After consuming all that, I hardly thought there would be room for dinner but I was itching to test out the soups that were delivered today from Diamond Organics, a gift from my stepmother (way down in sunny Floriday) Hearing of my illness, she sent a package with a trio of soups. Chicken, White Bean and Cream of Mushroom. The soups come packaged in cardboard pints.

Tonight I tried the Chicken. I added rice and baby spinach and it could have passed as homemade soup. Good thing that Izzy wanted something else because I ate the entire pint myself. What a great gift for a sick friend or family member or just for someone who doesn't have time to cook. Diamond Organics offer many other things on their website and I wonder if they are as good as the soup. If so, they are a great resource to keep in mind.

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