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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Day Of Puree: In The Land Of Baby Food

The good news is: Grandpa is home from the hospital! He is slowly regaining his energy and after over a week of not eating he is now permitted to eat pureed or pudding textured foods. The hospital created special meals for him, which included things like pureed bread. It came on his plate, shaped like a piece of bread. I wondered how that was achieved but perhaps its better to keep that a mystery.

I doubt that I will puree bread but I have taken it upon myself to prepare an array of other pureed foods for him. Today I descended into the land of baby food, using my two favorite baby food books as guides, Annabel Karmel's First Meals and The Baby Bistro Cookbook.

First up was Olive Oil poached Cod with Rosemary, Shallots and Potatoes and another version with tomatoes.

Next, Chicken, Leek, Zucchini Casserole

Then, Lentil and Vegetable Puree (with carrots and sweet potatoes)

Lastly, Spinach Leek Puree.

Izzy had the Chicken Leek, Zucchini Casserole, before I pureed it. The beauty of this food is that these are all things that you can prepare for your whole family. They work well in their natural state and pureed.

Recipes to follow shortly. Time to clean the kitchen and get some rest. Delivering the food to Grandpa tomorrow.

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SGG said...

Aww, Grandpa is so lucky to have you. Many wishes for his good health.