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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's To The "Kiddie Food Movement"

For I would much rather see a child nibbling a cheese tasting platter instead of scarfing down nuggets and fries. Regina Schrambling, over on Slate seems to think otherwise. I don't disagree with everything she says but I do take issue with the degree of vitriol spewed forth against the concept of kids in the kitchen and in restaurants in general.

In response to her piece I wrote the following:

Kids in restaurants, Kids in the kitchen..why the vitriol?

As a blogger who chronicles the adventures of raising a child who eats most everything, I embrace the idea of kids in the kitchen and in restaurants. I'm all about teaching kids to have a healthy attitude towards food, eating locally and organically whenever possible. And hopefully with an understanding of the simple concept of why pure maple syrup is better than Aunt Jemima:

I certainly do not advocate "adults taking advice from kids", nor do I imagine that anyone is expected to, when watching shows or reading articles which do feature kids. These shows are obviously presented more for their novelty factor than anything else. The children are featured as an exaggeration of what can be wrought if you steer your child away from nuggets, towards a healthier way of eating.

I would rather see them than toddlers raised on burgers, nuggets and plain pasta. I'd like to hope that they are emblematic of a new, anti-fast food generation.
I write about my experiences feeding my child in hopes of inspiring others to realize that it is possible to have children who do not covet nuggets, fries and the like. If parents take a greater role in shaping their children's palates, perhaps there will be a new generation, more inclined to eat in ways that are better for the environment and their bodies.

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