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Monday, March 23, 2009

Olive Oil Poached Salmon With Leeks, Thyme and Potato: Today's Puree

Izzy has become my official puree taster. Each time I prepare some food for Grandpa, he comes to weigh in on whether or not it needs salt, pepper or something else. He generally asks for a small bowl of whatever puree it is and has it before dinner.

Today's dish was made with 1 pound of salmon fillet which was gently poached in olive oil, atop a bed of wilted leeks sprinkled with thyme. The leeks caramelized as the dish cooked. While the fillet slowly cooked, I boiled two French red potatoes which I had peeled and cut and set them aside.

When the fish was done, after about 15-20 minutes, I allowed it to cool and then I pureed it with the potato and just enough milk to make it smooth. Izzy took a spoonful and asked for more salt and some lemon. I added both and he licked the blender and envisioned me making the light pink puree into ice cream, so smitten was he with this concoction. That far I would not go.

This dish works great for grownups and babies. I would leave the potatoes on the side for the grownup version.

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