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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Complete Whole-Wheat Goodness: Maple Syrup Sweetened Scones

One look was all it took. These scones screamed for me to to bake them. Just a glimpse at those pictures, that recipe and I was done for. MAPLE SYRUP in a scone? Ingenious, innovative, opening up an entirely new realm of baking to me.

I normally let recipes sit and fester for years before I get to them but Heidi from 101 Cookbooks comes up with such consistently wonderful, quasi-healthy baked goods I find them irresistible. These were no exception. I almost always adjust recipes that are baked with pure whole-wheat flour but this one used whole-wheat pastry flour which I imagined was lighter so I kept it as is.

I baked my first batch this morning for an appreciative crew of toddlers and moms. It seems they were a hit. (I touted them as a "healthy" scone although some might dispute that label, given they were made with 11 tablespoons of butter. I did get 12 scones instead of 9 from the recipe, which is less than a tablespoon per serving so perhaps the label can remain.)

Later on, Izzy sampled the goods. He instantly deemed them "too floury". I will have to admit that he wasn't wrong in his assessment since they are definitely denser than scones baked with regular, unbleached flour. Yet despite his damaging critique, he happily polished off two, slathered with raspberry jam.

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