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Sunday, April 26, 2009

First BBQ Of The Season..

Sunday was definitely a day for it. Weenies and sliders were on the menu, along with potato salad and a few other dishes. We fired up the barbie just moments before our friends arrived, only to discover that there was only a smidgen of propane gas left in the tank. Not only that, but every local place that sells it was sold out. At least my friend S. brought along the fixings for some pineapple frozen daiquiris which helped ease my grill troubles.

In the end we had to boil the weenies and finish them on the grill. There wasn't enough heat to cook the sliders so they had to be pan-fried. Rest assured, no one starved. And you can plainly see, the grill problems didn't cramp Izzy's style. He and his friend T., had a rollicking good time.

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