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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover Notes: Next Year Add Salt or (How To Ruin A Perfect Matzoh Ball)

Days of toiling and boasting about "My Perfect Matzoh Ball" and what do I get? These words from Izzy (who had left his matzoh ball barely untouched and had gone on to gorge on chocolate-caramel covered matzoh).

"Mama? Do you know why I didn't eat my matzoh ball? It wasn't because I was sick. It was because it didn't taste like the ones you made last year." I was crushed.

The sad thing was. He was right. I blame it on the following ambiguous phrase: "Salt to taste". Each time I encounter those words in a recipe I am flummoxed. To whose taste? What if some prefer saltier than others? Why leave salt up to chance when formulas do exist? The only way to salt to taste is to cook up a sample matzoh ball in advance and who has the time for that? Certainly not me when preparing for a holiday feast.

If only I had sought out the guidelines for the salt to matzoh meal ratio in advance, but instead I threw in a small amount and kept my fingers crossed. I should have known better, as this wasn't my first under-salting infraction. Truth be told, I am infamous for forgetting just how all-important salt can be and have to make a concerted effort to include enough when an amount is not specified (which is why I am a better baker than cook). In the interests of allowing you all to make a better matzoh ball, I have researched the magic amount, which is 1 teaspoon per cup of matzoh meal. With that knowledge in mind, you can under or over-salt as you wish.

Oh, and as for the rest of the meal...

The matzoh balls were not the only dish to suffer from lack of salt. This affliction seemed to pervade our meal, except for my chopped liver, gefilte fish, horseradish and desserts.

At the seder, they say, "Next year Israel." I say, "Next year, add salt!"


SGG said...

Aw, I thought it was just me! I have a very low salt threshold compared to the rest of the family & I'm perfectly happy with a saltless dish. Alas, not anybody else. I have to make an effort to remember.

Donna said...

There is always next year! I've only made Matzoh balls and chopped liver once and it all came out very well. Beginner's luck! Salt is always an issue.