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Friday, April 17, 2009

Outrageous: Of Cats and Cupcakes

Who does MimiMama think she is anyway? Our resident feral is now so brazen that she thinks nothing of jumping on our kitchen table, even while I am eating. At least she didn't jump up while we were eating these cupcakes.

Here we see a trio of the phenomenal cupcakes that emerge from the ovens of Baked in Red Hook. Today we sampled two as yet untasted varieties, their "Hostess" version and the "Oreo", with the cream and crumbled cookie on top. Sheer cupcake heaven. As is their salted caramel version, which we return to, time and again. I urge you to make the trek out to Red Hook for a stellar cupcake experience. Definitely worth the trip, as there are many other local treasures to be had there.

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