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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Matzoh-Making At Bobolink Dairy: Wish We Were There

We had been dreaming of this excursion for weeks and I couldn't think of a better way to experience Passover, than through actually making matzoh. Not only would there be matzoh-making but we would have a chance to visit one of our favorite Union Square market farms, Bobolink Dairy, during the calving season. Baby animals, cheeses, fresh bread and more. Could there be a more splendid way to spend this sunny day?

The farm is over an hour away so we had plans to leave here early this morning, taking the train to meet L. and her family who would then drive us the rest of the way. I was careful to have everything organized and ready to go last night, but just as I was getting to bed I heard Izzy groaning and tossing. Was it simply a bad dream or an impending illness? I hoped for the former and went to sleep, tossing and turning, especially after having read this account of fevers gone awry. Definitely not the right sort of bedtime reading for worried mothers.

When Izzy hopped in my bed early this morning, I noted his runny nose and warm forehead. I hesitated to take his temperature, because it would confirm my fears but knew I had to do it. Indeed he had a 100.5ish fever which meant our trip was off. I called my friend L. to let her know we wouldn't be joining them. She and her family are making the trip without us (and having dim sum too boohoo). Izzy was mildly disappointed but cheered at having a day in pajamas. I am lamenting at our rotten luck and trying to console myself with thoughts of going either next week or next year.

There are still tickets available for next week's Matzoh-making at Bobolink Dairy and even if we have to take a bus, I think it may just be worth going (working on bus negotiations with Izzy now since I don't think he has ever been on a 2 hour bus ride).

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