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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Lunch Surprises...I should follow my own advice

Moms are always wondering what to pack in their kid's lunchbox and I am always quick to offer all manner of advice. One rule is that you should always pack foods that your child has already eaten and enjoyed. This is a rule I have always adhered to and Izzy has happily eaten nearly all of his lunches.

But the other day my friend S. had prepared a lovely orzo salad with pine nuts and currants for our bbq. Izzy hadn't tried any because he was too giddy with hot dog mania but it was tasty and I was certain he would be happy to have it for lunch the next day. The next morning I packed a container full into his lunch bag and sent him off.

Well imagine my surprise when he returned home, barely having touched it. He said, "Mama. Did you make that lunch?" I said, "No." He said, "Next time don't give me lunch that you didn't make. I only want the lunches you make." If only he had tasted it the night before...

1 comment:

Amy said...

Well, if he's not eating it, I'll have his share! :-P