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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preoccupied With Party Planning: Izzy's 6th

Including Izzy in his own party planning has long been the policy around here and each year his input increases, making it more difficult for me to have my way in terms of guest lists and activities. Which makes sense, for at this age, whose party is it anyway?

At the early birthday parties, ages 1-2, the party was more about my friends more than his, but each year the balance tips in his direction. Izzy's ideas of who should be invited left us with an enormous guest list this year, which needed to be gently down-sized. I simply do not have room for all of the kids and parents that both of us wanted. I had no choice but to whittle it down so that it there was mainly room for Izzy's schoolmates. This left me feeling somewhat wistful about regulars who would not be included this year but alas, the party must go on.

And so I have been preparing for a simple, home-grown space-themed bash. Not as much my cup of tea as last year's gardening party but I am warming up to the idea as I go along. I still have not come up with a definitive cake and with little time left I'd better stop blogging and start searching as I am not sure how I can compete with last year's outlandish creation.

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