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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cake, Ice Cream And A Carrot: The Party Aftermath

I slaved over a hot stove, cooking up dozens of mini-meatballs. I cut vegetables and prepared sandwiches. Between cooking, washing dishes, baking and making ice cream, I spent from Thursday to Sunday, tethered to the kitchen. All in the name of Izzy's Fifth Birthday Party.

We had planters which Izzy's papa worked on for two days. We had seeds. We had dirt. The dirt was the highlight of the party. Bucketfuls landed all over the yard. Minimal planting occurred but fun was had by all. There was no formal sit down meal. The kids just grazed. My friend R. walked around, offering tidbits and sandwiches while the kids jumped, swung and rolled about. I was so engrossed in the serving and replenishing of platters, I all but ignored Izzy as he leapt about the yard.

We were only face to face as we sang Happy Birthday and but otherwise I glimpsed him from the corner of my eye as he cavorted with his friends. No doubt, he was having a ball.

At bedtime tonight, we had a recap of the day. It was then I asked him if he had eaten any of the meatballs, the special food he had requested for his birthday meal. His reply, "No. I had cake, ice cream and a carrot. That is all." A day of balanced eating, that's for sure.

Which brings me to thoughts of next year's birthday. I'm thinking just cake and ice cream. Never mind the meatballs..(though they were definitely a hit with the rest of the guests).

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