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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Party Production: Mini-Meatball Factory

I am just finishing up my last batch of mini-meatballs for Izzy's birthday. I have made over 100..half of them grass-fed beef, the other turkey. And that is only the beginning of the menu I have concocted.

Hmmm.. Maybe Izzy's idea of a simple menu of meatballs and cake is all we really need. Only thing is, that would mean more meatballs. Which I don't think I can handle after an evening of rolling and frying and a greasy kitchen. Not to mention that for all my valiant efforts, Izzy has already expressed his profound disappointment because I failed to honor his original request which included lamb and venison meatballs. Those will have to wait until his 10th birthday, when he can roll half of them himself.

On to the clean-up and tomorrow's plans..ice cream and cake!

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Anonymous said...

You go, girl! I've got meatball duty tonight (the Big Batch to freeze for later), so I'll be thinking of you!

Happy birthday to Izzy!