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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Purple Romaine: Our First Harvest

Last week we snipped some leaves from our lettuce crop. Izzy and I tiptoed out on the dewy morning grass and brought in enough leaves for his lunch. He needed to sample one immediately. The verdict? "This is not lettuce. It tastes like purple spinach. Can I have some more?"

I was going to make him a cheese sandwich but all he wanted was "Lettuce and Mayonnaise." At first I bristled at the thought of a mayonnaise sandwich but have since gotten used to it and try to find other ways of incorporating protein into his lunch. Especially since I see many more lettuce sandwiches in his future. Apparently you can snip the outer leaves of the lettuce heads and leaves will continue to grow.


Anonymous said...

Just think of it as a BLT minus the B and T :-) Glad to see the first fruits of your labours!

Izzy's Mama said...

Ann: In the summer we add the T but the B would give it protein..