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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not Local Enough?: Allergies Arrive With A Vengeance

So much for my milk and honey cure. All of a sudden my allergies have emerged and I am a sneezing, itching, puffy-eyed monster.

Maybe I needed to spend the $15 on the the New York City rooftop honey, instead of purchasing the less expensive raw, Amish country variety. Maybe even Andrew's honey, which I purchased at Union Square, might be a better and more local choice. I just broke open a jar of it but it may already be too late. (Andrew's is new to the Greenmarket and you can find them there on Wednesday's)

As for the milk, my results are inconclusive as well. Although it is a part of my diet, I don't drink it every day and sometimes nearly a week may go by without even a glass.

Sorry but I have been an unreliable subject in the study of using honey and raw milk to alleviate seasonal allergies. I can only hope that a more comprehensive study occurs between now and next allergy season. I hope to be a better subject next year.

Now I am stuck using Breathe Easy Tea (which definitely provides some relief) and my Neti-Pot. Any other alternative remedies out there?

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