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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Tomatoes Are Better Than Your Tomatoes: Farmers' Market Unrest In Hamilton Park

Who wouldn't love the idea of a farmers' market in Hamilton Park? We have had various permutations of one in years past and our hardworking neighborhood association has had one in the works for this season, on Wednesdays. It was certainly not their fault that the farmer from last year did not work out so well. Fact is, the produce was overpriced and not organic. I had heard that they didn't receive enough business to make it worthwhile so the market closed early before the season ended.

Then I heard tell of another farmers' market in the works, scheduled for a different day of the week, Monday. The person in charge of the Monday market seems hellbent on proving some type of point. She is not interested in working with the neighborhood association to join forces, which would make the most sense especially since the neighborhood had trouble sustaining one market last season.

It would be great to have one thriving market day, before deciding to open two. I do hope to see Hoboken Farms in attendance at the Wednesday market. They certainly had a decent following.

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