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Friday, May 2, 2008

From Greasy Chinese To A Packed Restaurant: D.J. Garden morphs into Grand Sichuan

On our way to Vietnamese, A. reminded me that there was a new Chinese on the block. His old favorite, D.J. Garden finally bit the dust. Sorry he was saddened by their demise but I say "Good riddance." Welcome to Grand Sichuan, a Chinese restaurant with outposts all over New York City, one in our old neighborhood.

Our favorite dish, "The Green Parrot" is on the menu in Jersey City as spinach with ginger. The dish is served as long bunches of narrow Chinese spinach. I feared Izzy would gag as he slurped down one bunch all at once it was so tasty. A. tried an odd pairing of bitter melon, green peppers and black beans. Bitter it was. Better was his Spicy Tofu and our Wonton soup.

Not stellar but a notch above the rest in the Chinese restaurant realm. They still serve the standard D.J. Garden favorites for those accustomed to American-Chinese fare.

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