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Monday, June 16, 2008

And Then There Were Three: The Cat Family Saga Continues

How do we know the cats are hungry? The mother cat usually comes sniffing around our back door or peeks out from behind some greenery by the neighbor's fence. Late this afternoon, the entire cat family emerged and sat on the back wall, awaiting their supper.

Normally we serve them closer to the back wall, so that they don't feel threatened. But each day we have been inching them closer to us so that we can get a better view.

When they all came down to eat we discovered that one was missing. Now there are only two gray kittens with white paws and a third one that is completely gray. I only hope that the missing kitten has been adopted and not met an unfortunate end.

The cats have not been eating breakfast with us as often as before and we discovered why. Apparently a neighbor has been feeding them breakfast on a special dish (The nerve! how dare she feed our cats!)

And the debate rages on in our household. Leave the cats be and continue to feed them? Trap, neuter and return to their habitat or keep one for us?

Still researching the possibilities...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

More kitty blogging, please! Amelia and I vote you adopt the very, very cute kitty with the white paws looking toward the camera.
Tazza D'Oro has also adopted a very cute gray tabby kitty we call Luciano. He came into our lives this week and we are totally attached. But still hoping we find him a better home than an espresso bar. Maybe not so bad - huh?