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Monday, June 30, 2008

Art Before Food?

I really did have great plans for Sunday. I was looking forward to going to The New Amsterdam Public Market at the South Street Seaport. I wanted to support the effort to bring more regional and sustainable goods to New York City. I couldn't want to sample the breads, cheeses and other delectable edibles. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Izzy had something else in mind.

It wasn't exactly his fault. He had a very busy day on Saturday and come Sunday morning he was still exhausted from all sorts of shenanigans. What he needed was a lazy sort of day at home. He did not seem keen on any adventures and he was more interesting in staying home and having an art sale. I was certainly torn. The market was calling to me but how could I discourage my budding artist and entrepreneur?

I couldn't, especially since I knew that an unwilling five year old would not have made my market day bright. So instead I helped in the art sale endeavor. Providing foods, beverages and display support as Izzy proceeded to arrange his wares on the stoop, just as he did last year, awaiting eager buyers. When things were slow, he decided he needed to paint outside, so passersby would see the artist at work.

Izzy concocted this art sale concept one day last year, after having been stuck at home for a few days during some sickness or another. He had been painting non-stop and accumulated many works. As he pondered what to do with them all, he came up with the art sale idea, modeled after a stoop sale. Turned out to be a success, hence his interest in doing it again.

And as luck would have it, many people stopped by, either to browse, buy or chat. I made new acquaintances and he sold several pieces. We both had a fine time and I just had to resign myself to the fact that I can't forage for food all of the time. Other things do take precedence. Which might explain Leena's blog survey results which indicated that most food bloggers don't have children (71%, in fact.).


Anonymous said...

The market was a bit of a goat rodeo if you ask me. It was very (VerY) crowded and hot, and rainy, and close. Maybe if they ever get to actually move into the market, it will be better, because right now, the booths are just too close together for comfort and proper schmoozing/boozing/eating. Maybe next time! I think you & Izzy had a nicer day.

Anonymous said...

I blog but my children are grown, not adults perhaps, but grown.

Izzy's Mama said...

Ann: Love the"goat rodeo" image. Thanks for making me feel better! Did you sample anything new and exciting?

NTSC:Having older children probably gives you more time for blogging. Or is that wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Izzy. Good job on the stoop!