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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scorpions For Snack?: Now These Are My People

Matthew Forney, in his fabulous piece in today's Food Section of the New York Times describes how he and his wife have raised their children to eat everything.  As Americans growing up in Beijing they have had access to an array of exotic foods that boggle the imagination.  From deep-fried scorpions to Tibetan Yak jerky, they eat it all.  Forney and his wife offer superlative advice for raising adventurous eaters.

1.  Breastfeeding is the best way to prepare children for a life of good eating.  "Our kids started off right because she breast-fed them, which "opened their taste buds."  He says he is not sure if this is scientific but I will let him know.  It is.

2. Children will not starve themselves.  If they know they have no choice they will eat what you give them... eventually. "People learn to eat what is available or they starve. Fussiness never enters the picture."

3. Parents and peers are great role models. "My wife who is Italian, makes sure olives and strong cheese reach our table every day, even in China."

4. If you don't keep it in your house, it won't be an option. "Roy and Alice (his children) never faced the snare of microwave pizzas, Cheez Whiz or spaghetti from a can.

Now if only I could get them to come visit and share some those scorpions with Izzy!


Joseph Bayot said...

What an amazing story, thanks! I guess it wouldn't be so amazing to me if pickyness weren't the norm for children in America. People from many other countries would laugh at some of the foods that are considered untouchable by our standards.

This story reminds me of this one from a year ago.

Both very interesting, telling reads.

Anonymous said...




Izzy's Mama said...

Joseph: I read that story and blogged about it. In fact we are often in that situation and I have to wave the children's menu away!

Anonymous: I appreciate the links, especially the first one. Haven't checked out the second yet and the third one not so sure what I think.