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Friday, June 6, 2008

Can I Live Up To My Reputation?

The Yummy Mummy has elevated me to celebrity status. Yes. She has selected me as a worthy recipient of this fabulous award. I have no idea what it means or if I feel like passing this on to others. But I am eternally grateful and thank my loyal fans.

I small problem I see is that despite what The Yummy Mummy might think, I would most likely not be up to concocting tofu in the airport bathroom with my pantyhose because:

1. I loathe pantyhose and don't own any..too petro for me
2. I "skeeve" airport bathrooms! What if my precious Izzy were to touch some germs and get ill while traveling?

What I would consider is keeping a portable burner in my luggage. Although nowadays that could be dangerous since someone might peg me for a terrorist at the airport. Which leaves me with just packing a separate suitcase full of food "just in case." My husband always looks at me cross-eyed as I pack up my hard-boiled eggs, goat cheese sandwiches and myraid other goodies but let me tell you, he never seems to turn down the offerings.

It is true that I go to great lengths to avoid fast food and other unseemly foods we might encounter on planes, trains and cars but it pays off in the end. A well-fed child is a happy one.


Anonymous said...

2 Things.
1. You wouldn't wear panty hose (or spiky heels) on an airplane because you're not supposed to. Panty hose would melt to you if there were to be a fire.
2. We should be considered about feeding ourselves and our family. We can't trade our body in, as much as we might like to.

There. You're just fine!

Izzy's Mama said...

Don't flight attendants wear panty hose?