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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Sorry I've Found Another Goat: Two-Timing Cheese Lover

Last year I professed my love and undying devotion to Sprout Creek Farm's Do Re Mi Fresh Goat cheese. The flavor and texture is exceptional and I once thought, beyond compare. I still am a devotee but the problem is, Sprout Creek Farm has gone and done me wrong once again. They no longer have a stand at Union Square this year and I have been feeling forlorn.

Then last week I had a chance encounter with a new goat cheese. In honor of dairy week, Consider Bardwell Farm a Vermont farm, had a stand at Union Square, one day only, There artisanal goat cheeses, both fresh and aged, are excellent. The Metowee is a must try. Luckily they are sold at Thompkins Square Market on Sundays which may just warrant a detour.

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