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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hamilton Park Farmer's Market Special: Clover Blossoms - 10 Cents A Piece

Don't think that I would allow the farmer to sit home chuckling over the fact that he sold some city folk a lamb's diet, not to mention something that grows freely in our own backyards. No, no, not I.

What we happily did do was take the free sample and Izzy, little lamb that he is, chewed it right up.

What I would really like to find out is if anyone else bought some, cause last I read, the only thing left from his stand were some stinging nettles. Mighty interesting inventory this here farmer was selling...Can't wait to see what's on offer for next week.

This week, aside from the clover blossoms and stinging nettles, he had showpiece lettuces and some certified organic brown eggs, a carton of which awaits us in the fridge. If he keeps his promise of meat and poultry, he could very well make a great addition to our neighborhood. Keep your fingers crossed.

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