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Monday, June 16, 2008

Dinner And A Movie: A Pre-Birthday Celebration

In celebration of my birthday I asked a group of friends to join me for Sex and the City, followed by dinner. I think I have seen maybe one movie in the past five years so this was truly a cause for celebration.

I couldn't wait to see it despite all of the nasty press it received. Sure it is somewhat cheesy but having been an avid fan of the show right up until we got rid our t.v., I can easily swallow the cheese and inhale the pure pleasure of Carrie, Miranda et al. as they prance around in one outrageous ensemble after another. It was like seeing old friends and I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

Following the movie, in heels way too high for my usual meanderings, we walked over to Nomad, an adorable North African restaurant in the East Village that has been on my restaurant "to go" list for far too long.
It was just as I had hoped, with a menu full of briouats, tajines and other classics. I had a lamb and prune tajine, which was tender, sweet and flavorful.. I will definitely return with A., who, like me, has an certain fondness for North African cuisine.


Anonymous said...

Now I would not have pegged you for a SATC fan. I despised the show and there's no way I will spend money or time on the movie. It's like the worst possible food with preservatives and additives thrown in so it has a long tasteless shelf life. I really and truly would rather eat at White Castle. Anyway, I'm still surprised you like that crap.

Do Tell! said...

so sorry i missed it! and so glad that you had tons of fun, you deserve it lady.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a grand evening out. I also have a weakness for SATC. Happy belated bday!

Izzy's Mama said...

1. Killjoy. What do you know about me? I'm full of little surprises. The least of which is my penchant for SATC. I savor every last bit of it, from the t.v. show to the movie.

2.K. I may be orchestrating a second movie outing for those who missed the first..care to join?

3. Sarah: Grand it was!