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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cat Tales Continued: Making Contact

Our backyard has become a mini "Wild Kingdom" as we watch the mother cat raise her kittens. Each day we make new and exciting observations. Cat entertainment has become the highlight of our outdoor meals.

A week or so ago, A. fashioned the above contraption to serve as a sort of cat shelter, to keep the cat and her kittens dry. It has become more of a spot to place their food. A. places the food dish just inside the opening, causing the kittens to stick out as they eat. This was strategic planning which enabled A. to pet one kitten while it was eating. The kitten allowed him to stroke its fur for quite awhile. Even Izzy had a turn and the kitten didn't run away.

The kittens have become more and more brazen. They will now eat in our yard. They seem to have some trouble sharing but they do get along eventually.

Even though the kittens have begun to eat solid food, as of last week, they were still nursing. From what we have heard from our neighbors who have taken in the runt, they are now about nine weeks old. Look how cozy they look!
To be continued...check back later.

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