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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Staten Island Children's Museum: An Outerborough Excursion

When I think of Staten Island, images of Melanie Griffith on the Staten Island Ferry come to mind (Working Girl). I have heard tell that there is some good pizza to be found there, along with beaches, noteworthy restaurants and a museum but even though it is only 30 minutes from Jersey City by car, it seems so far away and have never had occasion to visit. Until today.

Thanks to I.'s friend J., we were invited to a birthday party at the Staten Island Children's Museum. What a gem of a place. Plenty of interactive, hands on fun for toddlers and older children. Not only that, it wasn't even crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

The birthday party was a seamless affair. In the beginning, the guests were shepherded from room to room, with plenty of time to engage and explore. The second half of the party was in a separate room. There was pizza for the kids and a super-long chicken parm sub and salad for the adults. The birthday cake boasted a cannoli cream filling. I must say I was impressed. The birthday boy's mom said she couldn't even bake a cake if she had wanted to. They wouldn't allow it. Instead they provide food from local businesses.

Izzy and his friends were enthralled and tired out after two hours of fun. Of course Izzy is asking if we can have his party there (he asks that of nearly every party we attend) and it doesn't seem like a bad idea. Although I can't imagine having a party where I don't cook anything.

p.s. Staten Island is a scenic place. As we got slightly lost on our way home, we had a bird's eye view of the water and some beautiful old homes. We hope to make it back to the museum and go foraging for some good eats too. Stay tuned!

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momandkiddo said...

Thanks for visiting mt blog. We also like SI Children's museum, but without a car, it takes some serious motivation to get there!