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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hunk Of Halvah

I have fuzzy memories of eating Halvah as a little girl, standing in the Jewish deli eating it as my grandma placed her order for "extra lean" pastrami (little did I know that pastrami is supposed to have fat on it) , tongue and corned beef. At that deli it was sold in bars which were fine since I didn't know any better.

What is Halvah? You ask...It is a Middle Eastern sweet typically made from sesame paste and sweetener.

Freshly made Halvah is far better than the type I used to eat and if you come across it anywhere (they have it at Zabar's) grab a hunk and bring it home to nibble. Supposedly it has a very long shelf life but it need not because it certainly doesn't last very long around here. I picked up this chunk of it at Damascus Bakery and Izzy and I managed to polish off a half pound of it in just a few days.

I brought some over to my grandfather who was more than pleased. He hadn't eaten any Halvah in years so it was a real treat for him, something other than his usual chocolate.

If you haven't tried Halvah, you ought to. As far as treats go, it does have some nutritional value, including iron. Some websites even tout it as healthy so you may as well indulge!

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