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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Izzy The Lunchroom Spy...

If you would like to know who is eating what for lunch, just ask Izzy. He seems to peruse his classmates lunches, not only noting what they have for lunch but whether or not they like it.

And mind you, these are not only the classmates with whom he lunches...

A smattering of Izzy's observations..

______ eats cheese on bread that the teachers microwave (microwaveable grilled cheese I wonder). Supposedly he eats it every day.

______doesn't seem to like her lunches and tosses some of them without eating them (I thought there was a rule against that).

______ has a steady diet of some type of chicken nuggets.

______has a bagel and cream cheese daily.

As for beverages, Izzy claims that some of his classmates bring chocolate milk and are encouraged to save it for later. Of late I keep forgetting to pack his water and he claims to suffer, being the only child without a beverage.

Mind you, Izzy spontaneously reveals these luncheon tidbits to me, usually while we are eating at home. Now where did he get the idea that I would find it all so interesting...


Anonymous said...

The person who sat beside me in first grade ate the same thing every day: a white american cheese sandwich, on white bread, with ketchup. We ate in the classroom, because there was no cafeteria, so I had to watch him eat that bizarre sandwich every day. I can see it clear as a bell, as if it were yesterday (and not 1966). The red ketchup leaking through to the white bread was unappetizing, and even at 6 years old, I couldn't understand how someone would want to eat that.
But...different strokes for different folks!

Izzy's Mama said...

Miss B. That is too funny. I don't have any lunch time recollections until about 4th grade. Yogurt was my lunch of choice back then.

p.s. That cheese and ketchup sandwich does sound awful!

Anonymous said...

i suffered a peanut butter and banana daily, i mean DAILY for years. After being teased, bored, and very thirsty, I did manage to grow up a tall woman! Hum, potassium & protein?

Izzy's Mama said...

Is that you T.? Why didn't you protest?? The sheer boredom of it all!