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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Undercover Candy Police

Truly, I can't make this stuff up...

At the dinner table this evening, Izzy got an impish look in his eye and proceeded to tell the following tale...

"_____stirs up trouble. ______was doing it in the park today. ______had a plan to eat candy so that the teachers wouldn't see. I heard ____ and ____talking about it. But quiet as a mouse, I snuck up and saw ____ and _____eating candy gum. They were hiding from the teachers. " [at this point I wondered if he had joined in]

Me: What did you do?

"J. and I went over to the teacher and told her and she went over to them and said, "No gum allowed in school!"

The candy eaters don't stand a chance with the perfect undercover candy police team:
Izzy (you know where he gets it) and his friend J. (whose mom is a dentist).


Anonymous said...

Sigh...so now your son is a snitch. Please do something before he gets the crap beat out of him by his classmates!

Izzy's Mama said...

Anonymous: For pete's sake, he is five and no kids around here are "beating the crap" out of anyone.