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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mama Cat Update: Three Month Anniversary

It has been three months now since we brought Mama cat in from the streets. Each time I glance out our window, into the icy, snowy yard, I am grateful that she is inside with us cozy and warm, curled up on a bed or couch, musing over her next meal. She seems quite content indoors and seems to be growing more accustomed to our human presence with each passing day. Izzy often marvels as to how she doesn't instantly jump when we approach her.

None of this would have been possible without the arrival of her true love and companion, Rumble Cat aka Pound Cat. Although I bemoaned the addition of another cat to our household, he seems to be just what she needed. Since his arrival, MimiMama has ceased pining for her outdoor pals. She no longer meows plaintively by the window but instead spends her time following him about. They are constant companions. They dine together, frolic together, snuggle together and simply hang out near one another.

MimiMama (named for Mimi from La Boheme) and Rumble Cat (Izzy finally settled on that name since he is always rumbling around the house) have become part of our family and we all eagerly await the day when we can finally pet MimiMama. Until then Rumble Cat offers plenty of affection for all.

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Jennifer Lisimachio said...

WOW Lynn! 2 cats...good for you! I miss my Leo.