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Monday, July 20, 2009

Good-Bye Tiger: The First Kitten Leaves

I was thrilled two weeks ago when we found a wonderful family to adopt Tiger but I wasn't prepared for how emotional it would be, especially for Izzy. We had to keep Tiger until she was spayed so the actual adoption did not occur until today.

We have cared for the Fang Sisters for nearly two months now. Their care and feeding has become an integral part of our days. Even though there are four sisters left, it was still hard to see Tiger go. We took the adoptive family up to the kitten room where Izzy managed to get in some last wistful pets.

B. and her son S., took Tiger, wrapped in a towel and we followed them outside. S. seems delighted with his new pet. We couldn't have asked for a better adoptive family, and as a bonus, they live around the corner so we can always visit. Nonetheless, I was sad to see Tiger go and for Izzy it was worse. As soon as they walked out of sight, Izzy burst into tears. I consoled him with Occhi, our current favorite kitty who we brought outside to keep us company.

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