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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miss Fang And Her Spawn..An Update

Over a month has past since we captured Miss Fang and her daughters. We released Miss Fang but she is still in our lives...

She continues to meow pitifully at the back door but we can't be sure why. Is she still longing for her kittens or is she courting our Splat who peers at her through the screen door?

I feed her almost daily, or whenever she makes an appearance. She is rather fussy and sniffs at the dry food we offer her. Meanwhile, the meowing persists...

Upstairs, in the far reaches of our house, her kittens are blossoming. In the beginning, we kept them in a crate, allowing them out for feeding, petting and cleaning. They have recently graduated to having the run of the room. This has mellowed them even further and they greet us affectionately each time we enter.

They should be ready for adoption by the end of this week, after their final shots and spay. We are torn as to which ones to keep. Each one is special in her own way. Perhaps their fate will be determined when I take them to the Kitten Adoption Bonanza at City Hall on July 12th, from 12-4 p.m. More pictures soon.

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