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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farm Excursion: Last Minute Trip To Bobolink Dairy

Late Saturday night an email arrived in my inbox: Did I want to go visit a farm? Did I ever!

I will jump at the chance to visit any farm but especially when one of the choices was Bobolink Dairy, a place I have been itching to visit, particularly since we missed our chance at Passover time. Sunday morning Izzy and I piled into the car with our friends T. and L. The trip to Vernon, N.J. was a long though scenic one and luckily the boys entertained one another in the back seat.

We arrived at the farm just in time to witness what I think of as a quintessential farm experience. As I reached for my camera, I was asked not to share what we had seen with the internet world. Admittedly, I was crushed as I would have loved to have documented it all, including Izzy's expression. So do ask me about it when you get the chance.

Later on, we wandered amongst the farm residents which included a mother duck and her ducklings, assorted roosters crowing, a parade of bulls and cows and Izzy's favorite, the grunting, stinking piggies.

Since we didn't elect to take the farm tour we only had a brief look around before our visit to the farm store, the main reason the moms had chosen this outing! There, we were able to sample the cheeses and also take a peek at the cheese-making going on in the same building. The highlight was the rustic, oven-fresh breads, especially the cranberry-walnut sticks which appeared straight from the oven. We immediately them smeared with buttery rich Jean-Louis cheese and that became our lunch. I also snagged the last carton of eggs, extra-special in that each egg was of a different hue, reminiscent of the lovely eggs I purchased last summer from Upper Meadows Farm.

Our adventure continued at a nearby small farm upon a hill, where we found some maple syrup and more eggs, along with a small assortment of organically grown vegetables.

Our last stop was the Bellvale Creamery in Warwick, recommended by my friend L., who eats their frequently.

There you will find ample portions of homemade ice cream, plain and simple. We stuck with basic flavors, Choc, Van, Straw and I even indulged Izzy in a sundae.
The picnic benches outside off a splendid vista of the valley below, replete with barns and silos.

Our belies full of ice cream and cheese, it was time for us to head for home, wondering when and if we would make the trip back.

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Amy said...

not share with the internet? odd. What was the reasoning behind that request?