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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sharing The Farmer's Woes: Part and Parcel Of Belonging To A CSA

Joining a CSA can be somewhat of a gamble. I discovered that the first year I joined a local CSA that didn't quite deliver. Each week I held out hope that there would be something other than Swiss Chard or Tomatoes and then, each week I left feeling vaguely disappointed but still hopeful, as I wandered home with my measly bounty. When the end of the season arrived, I was committed to the concept of a CSA but decided I needed to find a different one.

And so I sought out Farmer Rich and decided to host one from my home. Over the past few years, he has delivered on his promise of providing members with a variety of vegetables and fruit in peak form. Yet Farmer Rich cannot control the sun, moon and stars or the weather so occasionally something does go awry, as it did this week. Apparently our large heads of Romaine lettuce, lovely bunches of beautiful Swiss Chard and mint (oh I do mourn the loss of that), met a sad fate in a cooler, where they were frozen to the core.

I had trouble envisioning how it was that a cooler froze greens as I had imagined an extremely large traveling cooler, instead of what the farmer actually uses. Apparently it is a cooler with a thermostat (Why is that not called a refrigerator? I have no idea!). The story goes that the cooler malfunctioned and the farmer was unable to salvage anything.

On the bright side, not all of the pickings were in that cooler so we still received some freshly dug potatoes, garlic curls, fava beans and zucchini.

And here's looking forward to a the usual overflowing bags of produce next week!


Amy said...

I swear, for a minute, I thought you meant you had freezing temps in Jersey. (while I'm sitting here in 100 degree heat).

You can imagine the few seconds of sulking before I realized you were talking about a cooler.

Izzy's Mama said...

Amy: 100 degree heat sounds pretty awful and we have been so fortunate this summer in nyc. But it's always that way in Texas, no?