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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snacks in the Park and a B. Day...(Chatting With The British)

So there we were, sitting in the icky little water park, not far from our house. Izzy and friends were munching on chunks of cheese, blueberries and cherries. The kids were running in the animals squirting water. Izzy's friend I. was standing on top of a seal or some other animal, as it spouted water up her derriere.

Her mom glanced in her direction and said, "I. is having a B. day. Not sure if B. days are for cleaning your feet or your bum. But long ago people had B. days for washing. I guess the B. day is for bums." Meanwhile I am wondering how B. days differ from A. days or C. days and wondering if a different part got washed depending on the letter. As I sat reflecting upon what this all meant, H. finally said something to clue me in, not sure what it was but all of a sudden a bell rang and I burst out laughing.

"Do you mean a bidet?" I asked. She looked perplexed. "A what?" "A bidet. Something people have in their bathrooms to keep their bottoms clean." "Yes," she replied. "But I never heard it pronounced that way. I only know that old people seem to have them and never use them."

"Those Brits are an odd bunch, aren't they?"
I thought.
I then explained to her that I grew up with a bidet in my house and that I don't remember anyone using it either. However when I went to Paris I came to rely on my trusty bidet, especially when staying in small hotels that didn't have showers in the room. It is a surprisingly useful bathroom fixture. I managed to somehow bathe in it, while washing my hair in the sink. Eventually I moved into an apartment with a bidet and I miss it still.

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