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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Governor's Island: Easy Weekend Jaunt

Hop the free ferry along with the goats and sheep (next to the Staten Island Ferry) and you will discover a new realm of New York City, with views of the Statue of Liberty, plenty of shade and excellent roads for biking and scooting. This is a place to have a picnic and spend the day. There are even a couple of food carts and place to have burgers near a small sandy "beach".

I chose to go there today because I was lured in by this article in the New York Times. Today's event was water-themed but somehow included a chance to use an old-fashioned apple press to make cider, something I could not pass up.

Little did I know we would also happen upon a food cart culinary bonanza. There were several acclaimed food carts in attendance, including the Arepa Lady and the NY City Dosa Cart. We sampled both for lunch. We also meant to try some desserts but never got to them.

I followed Izzy as he scooted around the island, wishing I had brought my scooter as well. We barely had a chance to investigate all that the island has to offer as we were pulled in by all of the special activities of the day. No matter, all the more reason for us to return.

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