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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leftovers From My CSA - circa 2008 (or How To Shock The Farmer)

Last week, while sorting vegetables with Farmer Rich, I suddenly came to the realization that one item from last year's delivery, still remained, tucked way in the back of my fridge. Each time I cleaned the fridge, I left it there, wondering how long I could keep it and if it would still be okay to eat.

When I turned to him and shamefully admitted to having something leftover from last year's deliveries, he couldn't disguise his horror, his eyes popping, wondering at the disgusting possibilities. He was quite relieved to hear that it was simply a bag of wheat berries and not a festering squash or other unimaginably rotted vegetable.

And, lo and behold, the wheat berries are still fine to eat. In fact he said they last for quite a while. He recommended soaking them for several days and sauteing them with olive oil.. Hope to tell you about it soon!

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Carla said...

oh I had mine for quite a while but they didn't make the move to the new place back in Jan. I wish I knew they have kept