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Monday, July 6, 2009

Is A Pound Of Scallops Enough For Two Adults and One Child?

Apparently more than enough, with leftovers for a cat or two.

For the second week in a row, I was tempted by the lovely seafood at the Grove Street market (Mondays only). The vendor is from Long Beach Island, N.J.

Izzy kept circling the fish stand on his bicycle, pleading for seafood which I am always reluctant to purchase. I gave in since the scallops proved to be a simple dinner last week. I bought them again so that A. could try some too.

I grilled the scallops a placed them atop a bed of couscous with fresh corn/shallot/basil saute. The scallops were tossed with olive oil and garlic before grilling and then balsamic vinegar was drizzled on top. I was pleased with the results but Izzy only ate two of his and his dad only ate about seven. The excuses:

Izzy: I am not a big fan of scallops (odd as you begged for them)
A.: Scallops are full of preservatives. Best not to eat too many (Have you heard about this? Where does he come up with these facts anyway??)

As for the cats, Splat just sniffs them and walks away but the gutter cats have good taste. At least Mama and her daughter Miss Fang have a hankering for scallops.


Carla said...

I think he might be referring to what is know as "water added" scallops (which are what you find in most grocery stores) - they add a TSP (trisodium phosphate?) solution to the scallops so they suck up water which increases the weight - in most areas (NJ for sure) they have to be labeled "water added" or similar - I asked the guy and he said these were fresh day boat scallops with no added water - they browned up nicely so I would tend to believe him (we did scallops and a dozen of the long necks!)

Izzy's Mama said...

Carla: Interesting. I had no idea. I thought that stuff was used to eradicate lead! I thought the scallops were good too but I rarely eat them so I have nothing with which to compare them.

Carla said...

opps I think you are right... a quick google came up with sodium tripolyphosphate, or STP.... close but no cigar!